The food scene in London is so vibrant and never ceases to evolve. There are a lot of food markets around the city, notably Borough Market. The city has a serious love-affair with street food.

Cultural diversity has helped building London’s foodie reputation. It also helped creating a diverse food scene.

One of London’s best known Thai restaurants is Mango Tree. It’s JK Rowling’s favourite Thai restaurant.

Located in Belgravia, Mango Tree offers authentic traditional Thai food.

Disclaimer: We couldn’t make it to the restaurant. Instead, we ordered some items from their menu to taste. 


The menu offers a variety of options, they even have a dedicated Gluten Free and Vegetarian  menus.

The dim-sum wide selection caught our eyes and we had to try some.

The mixed seafood and spinach dim-sums did not disappoint.


We also tried the POONIM YUM MAMUANG, a Soft-shell crab tempura served with Thai mango salad and Thai citrus soya sauce. The crab was okay but not super amazing. May be it’s due to the time it took to actually deliver it. The Thai mango salad and Thai citrus though were so delicious, tangy and fresh. We loved those. 


The last dish we tried was the SOM TUM GOONG SOD-  a Green papaya salad with fresh king prawns, cherry tomatoes, long green beans, peanuts, dried shrimps powder and chilli dressing. It was very filling and delicious. 



We enjoyed the food from Mango Tree. It’s affordable, authentic and yummy. We can’t wait to visit them next time we are in London!


Food experiences not to miss in Bali

Oh Bali! Beautiful, charming Bali!

Bali is an Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs. The island is home to religious sites such as cliffside Uluwatu Temple. The Balinese culture is mainly Hindu.


Anyone who’s been to the island of Gods would tell you how special it’s and how much they enjoyed their time there.
The Travelling Foodie is no exception. We’ve had such an amazing time in Bali if not short.We will most definitely go back to explore more of this piece of heaven.

There are so many things to do and enjoy in Bali from hiking volcanic mountains to  surfing, you name it.
The good news for foodies like us is that there are food-related activities to enjoy in Bali as well.

We mainly explored Ubud and the surrounding areas.

Ubud is probably Bali’s cultural heart and is home to amazing art studios, antique, crafts, jewllery and paintings.

Ubud is also a popular tourist destination. Eat, Pray, Love caused a massive rise in the numbers of people attracted to Ubud.

It can be crowded sometimes. We visited during December which is considered high season but also rainy season. Just before Christmas, it wasn’t busy at all and when it rained, it did mostly in the evenings. The occasional rain did not stop us from enjoying our time.

There are a lot of unique experiences in Bali to enjoy and this is what we think are the culinary adventures that you shouldn’t miss:

An early morning stroll in the local food market

This is not to confuse with Ubud Art Market which is very popular with tourists.

For an authentic Balinese market experience, head to the local market early morning around 7 or 8 AM.

By 9 AM, all shopping would be done and vendors would start shutting off their stalls.


Most cooking classes in Ubud offer a trip to the market to get to know the ingredients before using them.

If you are planning on taking a cooking class, make sure it includes a trip to the local market.


Other than the usual vegetables, fruits and meats, the market was full of beautiful flowers as the locals were preparing for Galungan. The flowers are used to make offerings.

Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time when the ancestral spirits visit the Earth.

It’s a very important celebration for Balinese people. We were so lucky to be in Ubud around that time of year to be able to witness this celebration.

A cooking class

While strolling Ubud streets, especially central Ubud, you will notice lots of signs for cooking classes.

A cooking class is a great way to understand the flavours and how the local ingredients are used in the Balinese cuisine.

The food scene in Ubud is surprisingly varied, it’s such a vegetarian-friendly destination, thus we found ourselves opting for a vegetarian cooking class.


Our amazing cooking experience included a visit to the local market then a walk around the farm to learn about the fruits and vegs organically grown there (there’s even fish!) followed by hours of cooking by poolside.

Our chef was fantastic explaining every step and answering all of our questions. We ended up with a feast of Balinese vegetarian food : a tofu satay, young papaya soup, sayur urap accompanied by rice and sambals.

For dessert, we made Kolak Pisang which is Indonesian banana compote with coconut milk.


The cooking class was a highlight of our trip to Bali, it was so much fun not to mention all the delicious food we made and eventually ate.

If you would like us help you book your cooking class in Ubud, just drop us a line 🙂