The food scene in London is so vibrant and never ceases to evolve. There are a lot of food markets around the city, notably Borough Market. The city has a serious love-affair with street food.

Cultural diversity has helped building London’s foodie reputation. It also helped creating a diverse food scene.

One of London’s best known Thai restaurants is Mango Tree. It’s JK Rowling’s favourite Thai restaurant.

Located in Belgravia, Mango Tree offers authentic traditional Thai food.

Disclaimer: We couldn’t make it to the restaurant. Instead, we ordered some items from their menu to taste. 


The menu offers a variety of options, they even have a dedicated Gluten Free and Vegetarian  menus.

The dim-sum wide selection caught our eyes and we had to try some.

The mixed seafood and spinach dim-sums did not disappoint.


We also tried the POONIM YUM MAMUANG, a Soft-shell crab tempura served with Thai mango salad and Thai citrus soya sauce. The crab was okay but not super amazing. May be it’s due to the time it took to actually deliver it. The Thai mango salad and Thai citrus though were so delicious, tangy and fresh. We loved those. 


The last dish we tried was the SOM TUM GOONG SOD-  a Green papaya salad with fresh king prawns, cherry tomatoes, long green beans, peanuts, dried shrimps powder and chilli dressing. It was very filling and delicious. 



We enjoyed the food from Mango Tree. It’s affordable, authentic and yummy. We can’t wait to visit them next time we are in London!


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